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We have finished the roof replacement in Paramus. As we discussed in our last General Partners meeting, we are working with two different roofing contractors: Centimark Roofing and Pfister Roofing. Both companies are experts at installing TPO roofing systems. These roofs are the latest technology. We like them for a number of reasons. The roofing material comes in long, 10 feet wide rolls. This allows the roof to be installed with the minimum amount of seams. The tendency is for roof leaks to occur at the seams, unless there is a puncture of some sort. The fewer number of seams the fewer possible leaks. We also like the strength of the material. It is stronger than the EPD material that we still have on many of our roofs. Like the EPD roofs, it can handle areas where standing water tends to accumulate – as often happens on flat roofs Another great feature is the white reflective finish that is now available. The warehouses are noticeably cooler in the summer. Office areas are easier to cool. Almost every new roof that we install requires us to remove an old roof or two. Most of our old roofs had some sort of primitive layer of insulation below the roofing material.

On the new roofs, we use a 1 ½” thick “ISO” board, which gets screwed into the metal roof deck. This board is lightweight and has excellent insulating characteristics. Tenants notice a difference in the utility bills. This picture shows the new insulation material that we used in Paramus. If you look closely, you can see the old insulation material sitting on top of it. It is a big difference. The ISO board comes in tapered sheets, which can be used to improve the drainage flow. We expect to begin the new roof at 60 Commerce Road sometime in June.