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DK Cosmetics moves into 734 Grand Avenue, Ridgefield

DK Cosmetics moved into 734 Grand Avenue, Ridgefield on May 1st, 2017. They leased 21,340 square feet of warehouse space for the warehousing and distribution of Korean cosmetics. Headquartered in New York City, New York, DK Cosmetics have been in business since 2010. DK Cosmetics supply cosmetic products to well-known companies such as Walmart, Bloomingdales, Forever 21, Nordstrom, Target and Marshalls. DK Cosmetics provide brands such as Seoulful, Derma DrLab, Club Clio, JKNLee, Goodall, Peripero and Clio Professional.

DK Cosmetics utilizes an ISO Certified, cGMP compliant and FDA registered factory to manufacturer products under the highest quality standards possible. DK Cosmetics base their Korean natural cosmetics on the basis that Koreans have impeccable skin, resulting in a booming interest in Asian skin care products.

They are currently a small company with thirty-two employees, but with domestic US sales and Asian sales, and aggressive marketing and sales techniques, DK Cosmetics show a growth of more than 100% per year. DK Cosmetics goal is to become the leader of worldwide beauty capturing beauty consumers from all over the world.

DK Cosmetics signed a five-year lease term with Bonanno Real Estate Group. Prior to moving into the warehouse space, Bonanno Real Estate upgraded the lighting and HVAC units. DK Cosmetics removed and replaced the carpeted flooring and installed laminated flooring.