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The months of July and August were very busy with removing and replacing new roofs at several of our locations. PSE&G Co. located at 515 Secaucus Road, Secaucus, which is 46,284 s.f., has a brand new roof. The office roof and the middle roofs were removed to the primary roof layer and then a layer of 1.5 inch insulation covered by a white TPO membrane was added. There was no demolition on the upper roof and we added 2.5 inches of insulation covered by a white TPO membrane. On all three roof levels, crickets were added around the drains to promote better drainage and reduce ponding. The next project at this PSE&G Co. location will be the window removal work to be replaced by new windows, cinderblocks and exhaust fans.

Peak Performing Arts Center located at 734 Grand Avenue, Ridgefield, which is 10,787 s.f., also received a new roof. Since there was only a single roof above Peak Performing Arts Center, we added a layer of 1.5-inch insulation and covered it with a white TPO membrane. Additionally, Total Tech Solutions, Inc. located at 49 Commerce Road, Carlstadt, which is 26,829 s.f., now have the original roof covered with a layer of 1.5-inch insulation and then covered with a white TPO membrane. Lastly, at Tryon Management Corp. and Teaneck Speech and Language Center both located at 107 W. Tryon Avenue, Teaneck had both layers of existing roof removed down to the deck. The new roof consists of 3.5 inches of insulation and a White TPO membrane.

We have used Centimark Roofing for all of our projects for many years and they have always done an excellent job with all of the Bonanno Real Estate Group buildings roofs.