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DK Cosmetics located at 734 Grand Avenue, Suite A, Ridgefield lease additional space at One Broad Avenue, Unit 6B, Fairview

DK Cosmetics are current tenants at 734 Grand Avenue, Suite A, Ridgefield. Their current five year lease began on May 1st, 2017 and expires on April 30th, 2022. They are currently leasing 21,340 square feet of warehouse space for the warehousing and distribution of Korean cosmetics. One year into their lease at 734 Grand Avenue, their inventory and business expanded, and it became apparent that they required more warehouse space. Tryon Management was able to seamlessly transition DK Cosmetics into additional warehouse space at One Broad Avenue, Unit 6B, Fairview. This additional unit is 5,320 sq. ft of warehouse space. The term of their additional lease is three years and ten months. Their lease commences on July 1st, 2018 and expires on April 30th, 2022 to correspond with the same termination date as their other leased space at 734 Grand Avenue, Suite A, Ridgefield.

Advance Auto Parts renews their lease with 53 West Century Road, LLC at 53 W. Century Road, Paramus – 34,966 S. F.

Advance Auto Parts renewed their lease with 53 West Century Road, LLC for another five years, with a five-year renewal option. With a fifth amendment in place, their lease now expires July 31st, 2023. Advance Auto Parts occupies the entire free-standing brick building, which is 34,966 square feet of warehouse space. The building was originally built in 1968 and is in the heart of Paramus’s Industrial Park. Advance Auto Parts bought out Worldpac and they are now a division of Advance Auto Parts. However, they continue to operate under the company name of Worldpac. Their headquarters are located in Newark, California and they were founded in 1995. Worldpac imports original equipment and automotive replacement parts directly from the most respected manufacturers in the industry. Worldpac offers over 120,000 products for over 40 import and domestic vehicle carlines.

DC Industries, LLC signs First Amendment to Lease exercising their renewal option for another five year period.

DC Industries, LLC exercised their renewal option set forth in their original lease extending their lease for another five year term commencing on October 1, 2020 and terminating on September 30, 2025. Their current lease expires September 30, 2020. DC Industries, LLC fully occupies a free standing 70,228 sq.ft. brick building that was built in 1957 located at 15 Division Street, Fairview. It has 68,548 sq.ft of warehouse space and 1,680 sq.ft of office space. The building has gas fired unit heaters, wet sprinkler system, nine tailgate loading doors, one drive-in overhead door and 18′ 6″ ceiling height. DC Industries, LLC operates under the name of Dana-co and their head office is located on Madison Avenue, New York. They are in the business line of upper tier women’s intimate apparel and the majority of their products are shipped to high specialty stores including Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s to name a few. Dana-co is a privately held company created in August of 2001.