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QuietStar Industries moves into 734 Grand Avenue, Ridgefield

On October 1st, 2016, QuietStar Industries moved into our 734 Grand Avenue, Ridgefield location. QuietStar Industries has over eighty years of experience in the noise reduction industry, including such areas as acoustical, aerodynamic, and structural. QuietStar uses the products of Industrial Acoustics Company and Pinta Acoustic, which are manufacturers of the world’s finest noise control products. They warehouse and distribute various types of sound proofing materials, including sound control barriers, sound control doors, sound control enclosures and sound control windows. They originally had a warehouse in Elmwood park and an office in North Bergen. Now, they will be combining everything under one roof at 734 Grand Avenue, Ridgefield. Bonanno Real Estate Group will be configuring the office to result in a better layout for their business needs. Tryon Management Corp. was the only broker involved in this lease transaction.

When Dream One Trading vacated Unit C, Bonanno Real Estate Group had an opportunity to update/significantly upgrade the office space in the unit. Every other unit in the building has been upgraded. The upgrades all include removing the sub eight-foot ceiling grids and meltaway ceiling tiles, installing windows to bring in natural light and creating more functional, open layouts. Unit C has been occupied for the last seventeen years or so. We went from Best Shipping to D&D Trading to Dream One Trading with no downtime. The office layout was the original office layout for Parfums Parquet. They were our first tenant in the space, once it had been divided. The layout was very awkward. The floor plan was a “warehouse outlet” for perfumes. Customer access was from the Ray Avenue parking lot. There was a narrow corridor that lead from the store entrance back to the retail area – complete with a sales counter and a safe that was built into the warehouse floor. When they left, the space was adapted into a very oddly shaped office and a decent warehouse. Best Shipping Ever was the next tenant to occupy the space. Eventually, Best Shipping Ever did some reconfiguring on their own. They removed fixtures from one of the bathrooms and made it into a private office. When D & D moved out, we took down the partition in the warehouse that separated the store area from the warehouse, but we left the office alone. Once Dream One left, it made sense to reconfigure the office space. In order to create a practical layout, we had to widen the office area – to do that we had to move the demising wall between the Unit E warehouse and the Unit C office. We took space away from Unit E and added space to Unit C.

Smart Source Rentals Moves into 490 South Dean Street in Englewood

SmartSource Rentals is a national provider of computer and audio visual services to the corporate and professional community. Headquartered in Hauppauge, Long Island, SmartSource has been in business since 1984. The company provides equipment and technical services for corporate events, trades shows, training programs and temporary project needs. They were represented by Robert Tillsley of McBride Corporate Real Estate Group. Bonanno Real Estate Group was represented by Tryon Management Corp. in the lease transaction.

The 19,500 s.f. building was completely renovated by the Landlord, Bonanno Real Estate Group. The quarter million dollar renovation was supervised by Tryon Management Corp. The renovation focused on upgrading and modernizing the office portion of the building. The existing HVAC systems were replaced with new energy efficient, eco-friendly models. Every office and warehouse light fixture was upgraded to high efficiency lighting.

Going Green

Tryon Management is currently managing the installation of a 292.5kW PV Solar rooftop solar system on a building in Ridgefield, New Jersey. Beginning at the idea phase, Tryon guided the project through the entire complex process, including: procuring competitive bids, awarding the contract, interfacing with the contractors and engineers, applying for site plan approval, permitting and arranging financing.

The project is unusual in that the solar panels will be mounted on a structural steel framework above the roof surface. In a typical flat roof solar panel installation, the solar panels are mounted on aluminum or steel brackets that are attached to ballast trays that rest on the roof surface. Ballast mounted of systems are intended to minimize the impact on the roof – by eliminating any roof penetrations that might be necessary to attach the panels. When the building in Ridgefield was originally constructed, it was designed to accommodate a second floor. The roof design includes column extensions protruding, above the roof surface. Working with Vanguard Energy Partners, Tryon Management came up with a design that incorporates the existing column extensions into the solar panel mounting system. Rather than using the typical ballast tray mounting system, the panels are mounted on a structural steel canopy that rises above the roof surface. The structural steel framework easily accommodates the weight of the panel, has the strength to withstand high wind loads and allows easy access to the roof and HVAC equipment located on the roof. This installation eliminated the need to install a new roof on building prior to installing the solar panels.

Once completed, this project will benefit the both the environment by using renewable energy and the building owner by reducing operating costs and generating revenue. With close to 1 million square feet of flat roofs under its control, Tryon is evaluating additional opportunities for solar conversion.

POCAS INTERNATIONAL SIGNS LEASE at 734 Grand Avenue, Ridgefield

Pocas International Corporation formerly located at Orchard Street in Hackensack, NJ are moving their metropolitan New York Distribution Center to 734 Grand Avenue in Ridgefield. They are the New York area distributor of organic beverages produced by OKF Corporation in Seoul, Korea. Pocas International Corporation distributes to clients such as Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s and Costco. Alan Frankel of Team Resources SBWE was the cooperating broker, representing Pocas in the transaction. Bonanno Real Estate Group was represented by Tryon Management Corp.

Pocas International Corporation is leasing 21,340 square feet of space formerly occupied by K & S Sportswear.
Presently, there is 11,500 square feet of vacant space remaining for lease in the building at 734 Grand Avenue, Ridgefield. Bonanno Real Estate Group II is undertaking a major renovation to improve the functionality of the space and construct approximately 800 square feet of new office space.

CHRISTIE LITES moves into 13B Division Street, Fairview

In September 2013, Christie Lites moved into the Bonanno Real Estate Group owned Windsor Warehouse Center in Fairview, NJ. Christie Lites were represented by Jones Lang LaSalle and Bonanno Real Estate Group were represented by Tryon Management Corp in the lease transaction. Operating for 28 years with 13 existing locations across North America, Christie Lites provides rental stage lighting and production service, for theatres, concerts, trade shows, TV & film, corporate presentations and other special events. They are an industry leader in operating a multi-shop network that delivers the same technical support and product offerings in each location. Their client’s enjoy dedicated rental representatives.


We have finished the roof replacement in Paramus. As we discussed in our last General Partners meeting, we are working with two different roofing contractors: Centimark Roofing and Pfister Roofing. Both companies are experts at installing TPO roofing systems. These roofs are the latest technology. We like them for a number of reasons. The roofing material comes in long, 10 feet wide rolls. This allows the roof to be installed with the minimum amount of seams. The tendency is for roof leaks to occur at the seams, unless there is a puncture of some sort. The fewer number of seams the fewer possible leaks. We also like the strength of the material. It is stronger than the EPD material that we still have on many of our roofs. Like the EPD roofs, it can handle areas where standing water tends to accumulate – as often happens on flat roofs Another great feature is the white reflective finish that is now available. The warehouses are noticeably cooler in the summer. Office areas are easier to cool. Almost every new roof that we install requires us to remove an old roof or two. Most of our old roofs had some sort of primitive layer of insulation below the roofing material.

On the new roofs, we use a 1 ½” thick “ISO” board, which gets screwed into the metal roof deck. This board is lightweight and has excellent insulating characteristics. Tenants notice a difference in the utility bills. This picture shows the new insulation material that we used in Paramus. If you look closely, you can see the old insulation material sitting on top of it. It is a big difference. The ISO board comes in tapered sheets, which can be used to improve the drainage flow. We expect to begin the new roof at 60 Commerce Road sometime in June.