Della Pello Paving, Inc. moved into 700 Grand Avenue, Suite 3, Ridgefield on September 1st, 2018. They were represented on the lease negotiations by Eastern Realty, Inc. Their lease term is for one year, with an option to renew. They leased 911 square feet of warehouse space, within the 18,432 square foot office section of the building. The 700 Grand Avenue building address is the upper level office section of the building and is currently configured into twenty three office suites ranging from 240 sq/ft. to 2,225 sq/ft. Della Pello Paving, Inc was incorporated in 1954 and is a leading asphalt lay down contractor in New Jersey, specializing in milling, paving, excavation and concrete rehabilitation work. They provide services for state agencies, as well as private and commercial paving rehabilitation work on highways, municipal roads and county roads.