Tryon Management is currently managing the installation of a 292.5kW PV Solar rooftop solar system on a building in Ridgefield, New Jersey. Beginning at the idea phase, Tryon guided the project through the entire complex process, including: procuring competitive bids, awarding the contract, interfacing with the contractors and engineers, applying for site plan approval, permitting and arranging financing.

The project is unusual in that the solar panels will be mounted on a structural steel framework above the roof surface. In a typical flat roof solar panel installation, the solar panels are mounted on aluminum or steel brackets that are attached to ballast trays that rest on the roof surface. Ballast mounted of systems are intended to minimize the impact on the roof – by eliminating any roof penetrations that might be necessary to attach the panels. When the building in Ridgefield was originally constructed, it was designed to accommodate a second floor. The roof design includes column extensions protruding, above the roof surface. Working with Vanguard Energy Partners, Tryon Management came up with a design that incorporates the existing column extensions into the solar panel mounting system. Rather than using the typical ballast tray mounting system, the panels are mounted on a structural steel canopy that rises above the roof surface. The structural steel framework easily accommodates the weight of the panel, has the strength to withstand high wind loads and allows easy access to the roof and HVAC equipment located on the roof. This installation eliminated the need to install a new roof on building prior to installing the solar panels.

Once completed, this project will benefit the both the environment by using renewable energy and the building owner by reducing operating costs and generating revenue. With close to 1 million square feet of flat roofs under its control, Tryon is evaluating additional opportunities for solar conversion.