On October 1st, 2016, QuietStar Industries moved into our 734 Grand Avenue, Ridgefield location. QuietStar Industries has over eighty years of experience in the noise reduction industry, including such areas as acoustical, aerodynamic, and structural. QuietStar uses the products of Industrial Acoustics Company and Pinta Acoustic, which are manufacturers of the world’s finest noise control products. They warehouse and distribute various types of sound proofing materials, including sound control barriers, sound control doors, sound control enclosures and sound control windows. They originally had a warehouse in Elmwood park and an office in North Bergen. Now, they will be combining everything under one roof at 734 Grand Avenue, Ridgefield. Bonanno Real Estate Group will be configuring the office to result in a better layout for their business needs. Tryon Management Corp. was the only broker involved in this lease transaction.

When Dream One Trading vacated Unit C, Bonanno Real Estate Group had an opportunity to update/significantly upgrade the office space in the unit. Every other unit in the building has been upgraded. The upgrades all include removing the sub eight-foot ceiling grids and meltaway ceiling tiles, installing windows to bring in natural light and creating more functional, open layouts. Unit C has been occupied for the last seventeen years or so. We went from Best Shipping to D&D Trading to Dream One Trading with no downtime. The office layout was the original office layout for Parfums Parquet. They were our first tenant in the space, once it had been divided. The layout was very awkward. The floor plan was a “warehouse outlet” for perfumes. Customer access was from the Ray Avenue parking lot. There was a narrow corridor that lead from the store entrance back to the retail area – complete with a sales counter and a safe that was built into the warehouse floor. When they left, the space was adapted into a very oddly shaped office and a decent warehouse. Best Shipping Ever was the next tenant to occupy the space. Eventually, Best Shipping Ever did some reconfiguring on their own. They removed fixtures from one of the bathrooms and made it into a private office. When D & D moved out, we took down the partition in the warehouse that separated the store area from the warehouse, but we left the office alone. Once Dream One left, it made sense to reconfigure the office space. In order to create a practical layout, we had to widen the office area – to do that we had to move the demising wall between the Unit E warehouse and the Unit C office. We took space away from Unit E and added space to Unit C.